What To Do If Steam Won’t open on Windows 10?

In this tutorial, learn how to fix Steam not opening or launching on Windows 10.

A lot of Steam users have faced this frustrating issue – “Their Steam client won’t open“. Nothing appears when they try to launch the program, or the client closes itself immediately after being opened.

So why won’t my Steam open? – This problem can result from various reasons, such as interference from other software or unclosed Steam processes in the background.

What to do if Steam won’t open? – However, please don’t panic! You can fix this problem. The following are the solutions that have helped a lot of Steam users

How To Fix Steam Won’t Open On Windows 10

1. Close all the Steam tasks in the background and restart your computer
2. Use the “steam://flushconfig” command
3. Restart your network devices
4. Enter Safe Mode
5. Reinstall Steam

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Solution 1. Close all the Steam tasks in the background

Closing all the Steam tasks in the background is a way you can use to troubleshoot this issue. Sometimes, your Steam client hasn’t shut down completely but its tasks or processes are still running in the background. To do that, follow these steps:

Step 1. Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to open the Windows Task Manager.

Step 2. When the Windows Task Manager window pops up, find and end all the running Steam tasks (right-click a task then click End task or End processes).

Close all the Steam tasks in the background

Step 3. Restart your Windows PC.

After restarting your computer, launch your Steam client and check if it opens.

Solution 2. Use the “steam://flushconfig” command

The “steam://flushconfig” command is used to refresh the installation of the Steam application. Hence, you can use it to fix a number of errors related to the gaming client. To do that, then follow these instructions:

Step 1. Press Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog box.

Step 2. In the Run dialog box, type in or copy this command


Step 3. Then, press Enter and this dialog will popup from your Steam client.

Use the "steam://flushconfig" command

Step 4. Click OK.

Step 5. Launch your Steam client and see if your Steam won’t open issue is resolved.

Solution 3. Restart your network devices

If your network connection is bad, you may not be able to open your Steam client. To fix this issue, you just need to restart your network devices. This will reset and put them back in a normal state.

Step 1. Shut down your modem then your router.

Step 2. Disconnect the power cables from the modem and the router.

Step 3. Wait for a few number of minutes.

Step 4. Plug the power cables back.

Step 5. Start your modem and router and wait until they are fully on.

Step 6. Restart your Windows PC then check to see if you can open your Steam client.

Solution 4. Enter Safe Mode

Safe Mode only lets vital applications operate. Thus, if there are third-party program interfering with the starting of the steam application, then Safe Mode should fix the issue. If your Steam client works in Safe Mode, then you need to locate the program that is disrupting Steam and disables it. In order to turn your Windows 10 PC into Safe Mode then follow these steps:

Step 1. Press Windows Key + R then type “msconfig” in the Run dialog box. Click OK.

Step 2. When the dialog pops up, switch to the “Boot” tab.

Step 3. You will see “Safe Boot” option located on the bottom left side of the dialog.

Step 4. Tick “Safe Boot” and underneath it tick “Network“. You will need the network to be running because the Steam client uses the Internet.

Step 5. The Safe Boot will take effect after you restart your Windows PC.

Solution 5. Reinstall Steam

If the issue still persists, we would recommend you reinstall your Steam client.

Step 1. Visit this source to download a new Steam installer.

Step 2. Run the installer you have just downloaded.

Step 3. Follow the instructions of the wizard to reinstall your Steam client.


Hope something helps you.

What To Do If Steam Won’t open on Windows 10?
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