Fix “No Internet, secured” Error on Windows 10

In this tutorial, learn how to fix “No Internet, secured” error on Windows 10.

Let me explain first what “No Internet, Secured” means?

When you to connect to WiFi network and hover over the wireless symbol in the lower right-hand corner of your screen, normally it shows you the name of the network, plus the words “Internet Access“. It means that you’re connected to the network and, surely, that the Internet works.

In my situations, I receive the confusing error message that WiFi says “No Internet, Secured“. This tells me that I can’t get on the Internet.

windows 10 no internet secured

WiFi says “No Internet Secured”

This error mostly occurs right after you upgrade system to Windows 10. Here are a couple of things you can try and fix this error:

How To Fix “No Internet, secured” Wi-Fi problem in Windows 10

Method 1. Run Network Adapter Troubleshooter

If you’re getting the “No internet, Secured” on the WiFi network, this could be because of an invalid IP configuration. To fix this problem, you can try to run Network Adapter Troubleshooter/Windows Network Diagnostics. To do that, follow these steps:

Step 1. Navigate to Control Panel (icon view) > select Troubleshooting > Click on View all.

Step 2. Click on Network Adapter to open its wizard.

Run Network Adapter Troubleshooter

Step 3. When the troubleshooter window appears, click Advanced and tick Apply repairs automatically option. Then click Next to find and fix problems with wireless and other network adapters.

Step 4. Wait for it detects and fixes problems with wireless and network adapters.

If the problem still persists, try obtain IP and DNS address automatically on Windows 10

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Method 2. Obtain IP and DNS Automatically

If you are facing a “No internet, Secured” error, this could be because of an invalid IP configuration.

Step 1. Press Windows Key + R then type ncpa.cpl in Run dialog box. Click OK to open Network Connections.

Step 2. When Network Connections window opens up, find your Network Adapter and right-click on it, select Properties.

Fix "No Internet, secured" Error on Windows 10

Step 3. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on Properties.

WiFi Properties Internet Protocol Version 4

Step 4. In General tab, make sure that Obtain DNS server address automatically and Obtain an IP address automatically are ticked.

Step 5. Restart your PC and check to check if the Wi-Fi error is resolved.

Method 3. Check these Windows services are enabled

Different Windows services could be disabled due to virus or malware activities. And it causes “No internet, secured” WiFi problem on your Windows 10. So make sure that these services are enabled:

  • TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper service.
  • Function Discovery Resource Publication.
  • SSDP Discovery.
  • Wireless LAN.
  • DHCP.
  • DNS Client.
  • UPnP Device Host.

Step 1. Press Windows Key + R then put services.msc in Run dialog box. Click OK to open the Services Manager.

Step 2. Check the services above one by one.

– Take TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper service as an example.
– Services windows, scroll down and locate it.
– Then check if its status is running.

TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper service

Step 3. If not, right-click on the service. Then click Start.

Notes: Be sure to check all the services listed above.

Method 4. Disable the security software temporarily

Sometimes, your Anti-virus, Firewall and Anti-malware programs can block the internet connection. As we know, the anti-virus software is very important and necessary for your system, but to isolate the problem, it could be turned off to see if the Wi-Fi error resolves in its absence.

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Method 5. Update your Network Adapter driver

You can experience the “No Internet, secured” error on Windows 10 if you are using an incorrectly configured, corrupted or old network driver. So you can try to update your Network Adapter driver and check if this helps.

If you don’t have computer skills to update Network Adapter Driver manually, I would recommend you do it automatically with the Driver Talent tool. Driver Talent will then analyze your computer and then list your corrupt, outdated or damaged drivers.


Hope something helps you.

Fix “No Internet, secured” Error on Windows 10
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