Download AVSS For PC (Windows 11/10) & Mac OS For Free

The AVSS For PC software is a great tool. AVSS for PC is a CMS App for security surveillance. This program can connect to multiple devices in remote locations and display them from any location. The Zosi organization conceived and built this app. It is a Chinese application. It is quite effective.

The AVSS For PC app’s beauty is that it allows users to control the device from any remote place.

This post will walk you through the entire installation process of this software on Windows. This procedure is divided into three main parts. The installation procedure is demonstrated in the first stage.

The second step is to log into the app. The final step is to use the CMS Wizard to add the device and monitor the associated cameras.

Why Is CMS Important?

CMS is an abbreviation for Content Management System. With the other device, a CMS can edit, record, transport, index, and exchange data. It performs numerous processes that make users more receptive to multiple pieces of information.

With the help of this CCTV software, you may connect nearly 20 devices at once. It provides the owner with the flexibility to move around freely.

If you have five factories in separate locations and want to watch them from your office in the sixth location, you can only do so with the help of our CCTV app.

It can connect to all of your gadgets and display them to you at your location. You may not only access them, but also operate and teach them from your location.

About AVSS For PC

Zosi Technologies manufactures AVSS. It is a security monitoring firm that specializes in electronic securities. CCTV cameras, NVRs, DVRs, access systems, and other security equipment are available.

The company also sells CCTV apps. One of them is AVSS. The corporation is based in China and has a global presence.

In the worldwide market, the credibility of its products and brand is highly prized. It enables users to see, speak, and listen from a remote location. It has a powerful sensor. Many questionable activities can be checked in advance.

This protects its users from a variety of risks. It also notifies you and sets off an alarm. This application is really powerful and sophisticated.

Main Features Of AVSS CMS Wizard

Some of the most important traits are listed below. When you understand the key characteristics of a product, you are better prepared to use it.

  • This app provides a live broadcast.
  • It can access and relay data without any time lag.
  • Real-time footage and photographs are provided.
  • The app allows you to control the gadget from anywhere in the world.
  • You can magnify any object or communicate with anyone.
  • You can watch the video and take pictures.
  • It saves data and displays playback from anywhere.
  • It has two-way audio support.
  • You can use the device to communicate with someone.
  • This trait is critical since it is also utilized to frighten away threats.
  • If users detect a threat, they can yell and sound an alarm to scare off suspects.
  • The app contains extremely powerful sensors.
  • It is capable of detecting both motion and sounds. With its assistance, you may create sensitive zones.
  • When someone enters specific locations, the software sets off alarms and sends notifications to the users’ smartphones.
  • With its assistance, you may operate a PTZ Camera from any remote location.

Download AVSS For Windows 11/10

To install the software on Windows, we must first click the download button. The download button is provided below. The setup link file is compressed.

Download AVSS For Windows OS

We must first extract the file before we can download it. The installation procedure is shown in three steps below. We offer schematics and graphics for each level.

You will learn how to install the program.

You will also see the procedure for logging into the file. Finally, the device adding and monitoring operations are outlined.

Download AVSS For Mac OS

The AVSS file link button is also available for Mac OS. Click on the download button to obtain it. The installation, login, and device adding systems are nearly identical to those shown for Windows OS.

Take a cue from there and understand these procedures to make it yourself for Macintosh PC. The sophisticated software will be easily download and installed.

Download AVSS For Mac OS

How To Install AVSS For PC, Log In & Add Devices

The detailed procedure for guiding its users is provided here. Each step and stage is accompanied by an image. It provides a more memorable visual experience.

The three-step procedure is depicted below.

Step-1 Install The App

To install the file, we must double-click the Application setup file. It is provided in compressed form. To install it, we must first unsqueeze it. The window below appears.

This is the main page. Close all other windows before loading this application into the specified folder. To go to the next page, click Next.

It asks you to choose a path and a folder to load the content. Choose them and click the install button. The installation begins when you press it.

The content is being loaded. It loads in less than a minute. When it’s finished, we get a notification saying that the installation was successful.

This completes the installation process. Finish by pressing the finish button.

We are now moving on to the next step. It is a matter of logging into the software.

Step-2 Log In To The AVSS Software

The entire log in procedure is detailed here. Launch the software you just installed. The window shown below will appear.

The login screen will appear. We must first log in. However, if we are using the app for the first time, we must Register it. Select the Register Immediately checkbox. The following page appears.

The screen prompts us to establish an account and a password. You must provide an email address in the account section. A verification code will be emailed to you. Mention it and establish a username and password.

Tick the Agreement box and then click the Register button. The account will be created, and you will be able to access the file.

This allows us to access the application. After logging in, the device’s homepage appears.

The login procedure is complete. The device must now be added.

Step-3 Device Addition & Monitoring

We must first log in to the software in order to add the device. We rach to the following page after logging in.

Navigate to the Device Manager option after visiting this page. Press the button. It will request that we add the device. We must include the IP address, port, username, and password when adding a device.

Mention any pertinent information here. Fill in all of the information and click the OK button. When we press the OK button, the software searches for and connects to the device.


The AVSS For PC app is thoroughly discussed here. It is described in depth here, along with its benefits and applications. The installation procedure for Windows OS is shown. The analysis is carried out in three steps. The login and device addition processes are fully illustrated.

The MacintoshPC will go through the similar procedure. It is available for Mac.

The program is already installed on PCs. If you encounter any problems downloading the file, loading it, or signing in, please let us know in the comments section. We will devise a solution and make every effort to assist you. We enjoy serving our customers.


Download AVSS For PC (Windows 11/10) & Mac OS For Free
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