How To Fix VALORANT Couldn’t Start or Not Working

Can’t start Valorant? Don’t panic. As a game with thousands of players, Valorant can fail to load at certain times. The reasons are many, but here, we’ll cover the main problems one can receive when trying and failing to launch Valorant. Here’s how to fix “Valorant couldn’t start”.

You’ve likely encountered “Vanguard not initialized” (another favourite) or “VALORANT Error code 43” (a classic), but to catch them all, “Valorant not working” should be in your collection.

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How to fix Vanguard couldn’t start or not working

Valorant not working” doesn’t provide much in the solution of help, and judging by community reactions to this issue, there really isn’t a method which’ll work for everyone no matter what. This means it can be a nightmare to find a fix that’ll deal with your problem, but don’t worry, for we’ve put together a few ways which should get the game working again.

FIX: Couldn’t Start C:\Riot error in Valorant

Vanguard couldn’t start

Vanguard couldn’t start

This message opens up when you’ve attempted to boot up the game. The fix is quite easy. Here are the steps:

1. First, quit the game client.

2. Go to the path: C:\Riot Games\VALORANT\live\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64

3. Find the VALORANT-Win64-Shipping.exe, right-click on it and click Properties.

4. Navigate to Compatibility, head to Settings on that menu, then tick the Run this program as an administrator and Disable fullscreen optimization.

5. Click Apply, then OK to save changes.

6. Restart your PC and try to relaunch the game.

FIX: Valorant Failed to Launch

This can be a rather strange error due to the complete lack of information about the issue. The error displays that “Something unusual happened while trying to launch Valorant. Try closing and restarting. If the problem persists, contact us at Riot Support.

Hence, if that proposed method doesn’t work out, there are several additional alternatives. Additional software installed and running on your Windows PC may interfere with the game. Overclocking your computer specifically seems to cause these problems, thus disable any software related to AMD or NVIDIA.

Launching Valorant and fixing issues

If none of the above solutions worked for you, you should try uninstalling Valorant and re-installing the game freshly in your computer with the latest updates to get it fixed.

There are few ways to uninstall Vanguard, but the most effective one is to use an uninstaller software such as Your Uninstaller. Your Uninstaller is a special application that can remove any application, including all its files and registry entries.

After that, download Valorant again from this site.

Re-install Valorant and try to open Valorant.

If all methods fail, you can contact Riot Games and explain your problem.

Here is the fix or solve video tutorial by which you can fix Valorant Couldn’t start or crash after launching Valorant game on your computer.

Hope something helps you.

How To Fix VALORANT Couldn’t Start or Not Working
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