How To Download All Email Attachments In Gmail

In Gmail, the email body might include images, tables, animations, and other elements that enhance the email’s size. The sender sends the emails with attachment(s) to make the emails lighter. The attachment might be a single file or a collection of files. A zipped file can also be supplied as an attachment to enclose the files.

Photos, documents, PPTs, spreadsheets, audio files, videos, programs, and other forms of items can all be attached to emails. My colleague told us last month that he needed to use the Gmail application to retrieve all of the attachments from various emails. “I’ve been receiving online receipts from our Internet Service Provider for 5 years” he explained. I need receipts dating back at least two years to check for changes in the billing trend. Perhaps I’ll have to manually inspect each email’s attachment and download it”.

When you need attachments from a large number of emails, you should consider the following options and pick the best one. When backing up Gmail emails to computer, you can use these ways as well.

How To Download all Gmail content using Google Takeout

Google Takeout is a Google URL-based service that downloads specified programs as a zip file. You can use this method to store all of your Gmail data. It will save messages together with their attachments.

1. Open your browser, go to the URL and then log in with your Gmail account.

2. Select the Mail option, and all messages and attachments will be saved in MBOX format. To choose it, use the checkbox.

3. Untick all the remaining Google apps and then click Next Step.

4. To save the specified data, choose a frequency. Choose the file size and type for the final product. Select Create export from the drop-down menu.

5. The export file is being created by Google. Wait until the file to download appears.

6. You can download a zip file that contains all of your Gmail data. The message, as well as any attachments, will be kept separate from the application.

You can extract the data from the zip file, and an MBOX file will be created. It can be opened in any program that supports the MBOX file format.

Check this video for more help:

How To Take backup using the Gmail Backup Tool

If you don’t want to store your Google information in an MBOX file, you should utilize Kernel Gmail Backup software, which has all of the functionality necessary to meet the needs of the user. It has a number of filters and choices for selecting the most important area of the mailbox.

1. Click the Add button on the software’s Home screen.

2. In the Server Name area, type, then enter your Gmail account’s email address and password. Click Add.

3. The software will examine the Gmail account and add it to the backup list. Select Set Filter and Migrate from the drop-down menu.

4. You can pick email folders using the checkbox on the Filter Selection page. Apply further filters later. Then select I am OK, Start Migration.

5. To save emails and attachments, select the most appropriate output file format. Click the OK button.

6. To save the destination file, navigate to the folder. Click the OK button.

7. All of your Gmail content is stored in a new file. In the output file, you can examine the emails and attachments.

After a notification stating that the process is complete appears, click OK.


It’s difficult to recover attachments at a firm where the user writes and receives a lot of emails every day. You can either download attachments or store them as a backup using the methods listed above. The export file in Google Takeout takes a long time to create. Kernel Gmail Backup program creates the backup file quickly at the same time. The information can be saved indefinitely, and there is a backup report in CSV format that shows the status of each item.

How To Download All Email Attachments In Gmail
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