Cube ACR Call Recorder: How to record phone calls on your Android phone

With the Cube ACR app for Android, you can easily record phone calls. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

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Recording phone calls with Cube ACR – Main Features:

There are numerous call recording apps available in the Google Play Store. Cube ACR is one of the models with the most features:

  • Most call recording apps only record your voice, not the other person’s. Cube ACR, on the other hand, records both the caller and the person on the other end of the line.
  • Cube ACR can record calls made via Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, and regular phone calls.
  • The app includes “Geo-Tagging,” which connects recordings to the locations where they were made.
  • If you want to use another app, you should consider the points mentioned above when making your decision.
  • “Google Voice” is an alternative app. This program, however, only records incoming calls.

How to record phone calls with Cube ACR

To record phone calls on Android, you must first install the “Cube ACR” app.

1. To begin, Open the “Google Play Store”.

2. In the search bar, look for “Cube ARC”. Tap on the “Install” button. Start the app after it has finished downloading and installing.

Download Cube ARC from Google Play store

3. The app begins with a welcoming screen. Tap “Next” to proceed through the explanations.

4. The app connector must then be enabled. The app will guide you to the appropriate settings. All you have to do is click the “Cube ACR App Connector” button under the “Services” heading and then toggle the slider to activate this function.

Return to the app and complete the steps listed below.

1. The last thing you need to do is add the app to your “Protected Apps” list. This is accomplished by selecting “Protect Cube” and then activating the slider in the app’s settings list.

2. Adding the app to this list means that it can continue to run even when the screen is turned off.

3. Following that, you can specify whether the app is permitted to route your phone calls to specific locations. This has no bearing on the subsequent recordings. The configuration can also be changed at any time.

4. You are now finished configuring the app. After pressing the microphone icon once, you will see the symbol on the right side of your screen, and your calls will be automatically recorded.

Be careful to keep things legal

When recording phone calls, you must be aware of the legal implications.

  • It is a crime in many countries to record a conversation partner without their written consent.
  • So, before you download and use any apps, make sure you understand which uses are legal and which are not.
  • Even if recording phone calls is within your rights, you should notify everyone on the call that they are being recorded.
Cube ACR Call Recorder: How to record phone calls on your Android phone
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