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You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering why Discord Push to Talk isn’t working and need a solution. Continue reading to learn how to resolve this problem.

Discord is a popular VOIP software for hosting online specialty communities. The platform improves virtual hangout sessions by allowing users to operate their own servers, giving them complete control over all server activity.

Discord differs from other instant messaging services in that it offers a wide range of customization options and app integrations, all of which improve the user experience. The program also allows you to communicate in high-definition audio and video, all of which take place on your primary server.

Even the best platforms occasionally throw a problem your way, so the app’s performance is always top-notch. The Discord push-to-talk not working issue is one such glitch that many users have encountered.

During a group call, Discord‘s Push to Talk feature helps to reduce background noise. Because the feature improves the overall quality of the call, it’s critical that you understand how to resolve this issue.

As a result, in this article, we’ve outlined a step-by-step procedure for resolving the Discord Push to Talk not working error. To keep your Discord calls operating normally, carefully follow the instructions.


What is the Push to Talk feature on Discord?

Discord’s Push to Talk feature, commonly known as press-to-transmit, helps to eliminate background noise by muting the microphones of all call participants.

The Push to Talk feature, in technical terms, is a means of having a conversation across half-duplex transmission and reception lines that uses a button to transition from voice reception to voice transmission mode.

Your mic is muted in Push-to-Talk mode until you press a pre-defined key to unmute yourself. To unmute yourself, you can specify any pre-defined key as the default.

While playing a game together, use Discord voice channels. During a high-stakes match, seamless in-game communication is critical to victory.

The Push to Talk feature is useful in this situation since it ensures that no one is talking over the other, minimizing background noise and allowing for a smooth flow of information.


Why is Discord Push to Talk not working?

There could be a number of reasons why this functionality in your Discord app isn’t working.

1. Your computer’s audio drivers may be corrupted, causing the Discord Push to Talk not to work.

2. The error could potentially be caused by inconsistencies in the app’s settings, so check the Voice and Video options in Discord to see if that’s the case.

3. This issue can potentially be caused by incorrect keybind settings.

4. Another explanation could be external variables like your PC settings or third-party software interfering with the Push to Talk feature’s correct operation.

5. Also, if your game is set to administrator mode, Discord will need to be set to administrator mode as well for it can recognize the Push to Talk keys.

Let’s move on to the six alternative fixes you may try to solve the Discord Push to Talk not working problem now that you’ve learned about the probable causes.


How to fix “Discord Push to Talk not working”?

The six distinct possible remedies for the Discord Push to Talk not working problem are outlined below.

1. Update the audio drivers

As previously stated, damaged audio drivers could be the cause of the Push to Talk functionality not working on your Discord server. To fix this, try updating the audio drivers and making sure the Push to Talk feature is working properly.

You may either update the drivers manually or use automatic help to do it for you.

To manually update your driver, you’ll need to do some research first to get the correct drivers for your device, as each device’s hardware components are unique. You can go to the device manufacturer’s website and download the audio drivers that are compatible with the Windows version installed on your computer.

Because updating the necessary drivers for your device manually can be tiresome, you can use software like DriverFix to automate the process.

  1. To begin, go to the official website of DriverFix and download and install the software.
  2. Then, on your PC, start the software.
  3. The app will begin detecting faulty drivers automatically.
  4. When the detection procedure is finished, it will display the drivers that have faults. You can choose to update the audio drivers from this list.
  5. The app will update the drivers for you automatically.
  6. Restart your computer after the update is complete.

This should most likely solve the problem of Push to Talk not functioning, but if it doesn’t, try the other solutions on the list.


2. Run as Administrator

If the game you’re playing is set to administrator mode, you’ll need to set Discord to administrator mode as well. This solution has helped a lot of people and is one of the simplest to adopt. Here’s how to enable administrator mode in Discord.

1. To begin, if you were using Discord previously, close it completely. Make sure the app isn’t operating in the background by looking in the System tray.

2. Then, on your desktop, locate the Discord shortcut and right-click on it.

3. Choose “Run as administrator” from the menu and confirm your choice.

Check if the issue has been resolved by launching the Discord app. If it doesn’t work, restart your computer and try running Discord in administrator mode again.


3. Check and Reset Voice and Video Settings 

After that, you can verify and reset the in-app settings to resolve the issue. Let’s have a look at the Voice and Video options first. You’ll need to double-check that the input and output devices you’ve chosen are right. To learn how to do something, follow these instructions.

1. On your PC, open the Discord app.

2. Select the Settings icon (gear icon).

3. Select “Voice and Video” from the drop-down menu.

4. Examine the input and output devices that are set to default.

5. Also, make sure the Push to Talk option is turned on in the Input mode.

6. Check if the Push to Talk feature is working by pressing the Reset Voice Settings button.

The input and output device configuration will be reset to the default values by resetting the Voice settings.


4. Check and Reset the Keybind Settings

Make sure you don’t have the same key for the Push to Talk and Push to Mute choices.

1. Go to the settings section of the Discord app (gear icon).

2. Make sure you have distinct keys for the Push to Talk and Push to Mute choices by clicking on the “Keybinds” option.

3. You can also delete any existing Keybinds and replace them with a new Push to Talk Keybind. You can cancel a keybind by hovering your cursor over it and clicking the “X” button.


5. Launch Discord in Safe Boot Mode

Whether none of the preceding solutions work, try starting Discord in Safe Boot mode to see if any external third-party apps are causing the issue. If the Push to Talk feature works in Safe Boot mode, then an external app is most likely to blame.

1. To open the Run menu on your Windows PC, press “Windows key + R.”

2. To open the System Configuration, type “msconfig” and click OK.

3. Then, at the bottom of the “Services” tab, select the “Hide all Microsoft services” checkbox. This will ensure that no important services are disabled.

4. Then press the Disable all option.

5. After that, navigate to the Startup tab and select “Open Task Manager.”

6. Disable the Startup-enabled apps here.

7. After that, in the System Configuration box, click the “Apply” button and then OK.

Start your computer in Safe Boot mode by restarting it. Check if the Push to Talk feature is working in Discord. If it’s working, move on to the following phase to remove any third-party apps that are interfering with Discord Push to Talk’s functionality.


6. Uninstall third-party and Newly installed software

Follow these steps to locate and uninstall freshly installed software.

1. To open Run on a Windows machine, press “Windows Key + R.”

2. To access the control panel, type “control.”

3. Go to Programs -> Programs and Features -> Programs and Features -> Programs and Features -> Programs and Features

4. Look for any recently installed apps or audio software from a third party.

5. Uninstall the application by selecting it and clicking the Uninstall button.

Restart your computer after the software has been uninstalled to see if the error has been resolved.

Discord Push to Talk not working‍
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