How To Download Yahoo! Mail app for PC: Still available?

The Yahoo! Mail app is no longer available for download in the Microsoft Store for some time now. But you can have the same productivity results using one of the available alternatives.

UPDATE: We’re sorry to break the awful news to you, but we must. The Microsoft Store no longer offers the Yahoo! Mail app for download. The app was officially retired by Yahoo! for this reason. Access to your Yahoo! Mail mailbox may still be done using a web browser.

For those searching for a specific mail software for their Yahoo! Inbox, we highly recommend Flow mail, a superb mail client app that will centralize and simplify management of your Yahoo! Inbox.

Get Flow Mail Now

With Flow Mail, you can easily and quickly keep track of all of your e-mails from several accounts. Multiple email providers, including as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo!, iCloud*, and Yandex, are all supported with Flow Mail.

Here are a few of the more notable options:

  • Supports Outlook, Gmail and more.
  • Better Privacy Protection
  • Easily download or upload your files
  • Native Downloading Support
  • Custom Password and Windows Hello support*
  • Regular updates
  • Easy to use and beautiful User Interface
  • Split View Support
  • Fluent Design
  • Jumplist Support and more…

In this video, we are gonna show you how to install Yahoo app in Windows 11:

That’s about it.

How To Download Yahoo! Mail app for PC: Still available?
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