User Guide of iMyFone AnyTo

Can I change my location on iOS/Android devices? In AR games, is there a way to personalize the path without having to walk? You can quickly and flexibly spoof your iOS or Android device’s GPS position with iMyFone AnyTo. You can imitate GPS movement with a customized route in the interim by using the Two-spot and Multi-spot modes.

Fake GPS Location on iOS/Android Devices in 1 Click

With just one click, you can spoof your GPS location with iMyFone AnyTo location changer to share interesting destinations with friends on social media, hide your location on a map to avoid being monitored, and access geo-specific features on location-based applications.

Download iMyFone AnyTo Now

Part 1: Get Started

Step 1: Download and Install iMyFone AnyTo on your PC.

To launch iMyFone AnyTo click Get Started.

Step 2: Connect Your Device

First connection: Use a USB cord to connect your iOS device to the PC.

Then, unlock the device.

When your iPhone asks you to Trust This Computer, tap Trust.

To finish, input the screen passcode once more.

Second connection: If the first USB connection to the device is successful, you can opt to connect your iOS device to the computer using the same WiFi network the next time.

Take note:

The PC and the iOS device need to be linked to the same WiFi network.

When connected to WiFi, always keep your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch screen on. (How to constantly have the iOS screen on)

Step 3: Load the Map

The map loading process will start. You can locate your location on the map once it has successfully loaded.

Part 2: Change GPS Location to Anywhere with 1 Click

Step 1: Choose a Destination on the Map

Choose Teleport Mode at the upper right corner. Now you can zoom in and out the map by scrolling the mouse, and select a destination. Or you can enter the address/GPS coordinates at the upper left corner to search your destination, for example, Vancouver.

Step 2: Change GPS Location with 1-Click

The sidebar will appear as soon as you choose a location. It displays the details of your destination, such as the name of the location, the coordinates, and the distance. Press the Move button.

We’ll instantly switch your location to Vancouver. Your iPhone’s location will also be adjusted to Vancouver for any location-based apps.

You can obtain your actual location by simply restarting your iOS device if you wish to retrieve your location.



User Guide of iMyFone AnyTo
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