How to use Rythm bot on Discord

Rythm is a popular music-playing bot that allows you to listen to music while chatting with your Discord friends. It allows you to listen to music from YouTube, YouTube Music, SoundCloud, Twitch, and other streaming services on Discord. How do you utilize the Rythm bot on Discord, though?

Today, we’ll go over how to install Rythm on your server, how to use it, which features you should look into, and how to uninstall it if you don’t like it. In a nutshell, this is everything you have to know about the Discord bot Rythm.


How to Add Rythm Bot to Your Discord Server

Open the  Rythm official website to add the Rythm bot to your Discord server. In the right sidebar, click on “Add to Discord,” which is the first choice.

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll be asked to join Discord.

This will take you to a Discord website where you may join your server and add the bot. Simply click Continue after selecting Server from the drop-down option. If the server to which you wished to add the bot is unavailable, you probably don’t have the appropriate permissions to do so. Someone with an admin or higher position should be contacted to add the bot for you.

Rythm will request permission from the administrator. Because Rythm does not require admin permissions to function, you can turn it off and click Continue.

That is it. You will be taken to the Rythm official website after successfully adding Rythm bot to your Discord server.

Open Discord and then the server to which the Rythm bot has been added. There is a welcome message from Rythm as well as some basic information to get you started.


How to Use Rythm Bot

The prefix “!” is used by Rythm bot. You can utilize it to perform a variety of tasks, such as play, pause, resume, shuffle, queue, and so on.

You can use the command “!Play” and then type the name of a song or a YouTube URL to begin playing it for everyone in the group.

You can use a prefix! before other commands like skip, remove, loop, and so on. Check out this command list for Rythm to learn more about how to utilize it in Discord.

Make sure that users aren’t spamming your channels with Rythm instructions, which can lead to spam. To do so, click the plus “+” icon beneath text channels and establish a new music control text channel.

Click “Create Channel” and give the channel a name that is relevant to music control (simple to remember).

Furthermore, make sure that these commands don’t work on other channels so that people are forced to utilize the music-control channel we’ve developed. Double-click the channel name and select “Edit Channel” to ban additional channels.

Select Plus “+” symbol beside Roles/Members from the Permissions option in the left panel.

Choose the Rythm bot from the drop-down menu.

Turn off the “Read Messages” permission in the Rythm role permissions view to prevent Rythm from reading messages from the channel. People may be forced to quit utilizing other channels as music control channels as a result of this.

Now you must repeat the process on all of your server’s text channels, ensuring that just the channel we built is reaming.


Rythm Bot Features

There are a few cool aspects in Rythm that you should look at. To begin, simply use the command !settings prefix to alter the prefix “!”

By typing !lyrics, you can access the lyrics of the currently streaming song.

To play the YouTube Playlist, simply type !play and then the YouTube Playlist URL.

To loop a song or the queue, use the !loop and !loopqueue options, respectively.

Using ‘!search’ and the song name option, you can search straight on YouTube. This will provide you with a list of YouTube video links.


How to Remove the Rythm Bot from Server

People frequently add bots to test them out before deciding to remove them for a variety of reasons. However, eliminating bots from a Discord server is a peculiar procedure.

Simply enter !play in the channel where Rythm can read to remove it. It will respond with a notice stating that the request is invalid.

To remove Rythm from your Discord server, right-click on the bot name “Rythm” and select “Kick Rythm.”

You may perform the same thing from the “Members List” but if your server has a lot of individuals, it will be difficult to discover the bot because there is no search tool.


Will You Use Rhytm Bot on Discord Server

Despite the fact that Rythm does not support Spotify, it has always been my go-to music bot on Discord owing to its dependability. When compared to other music bots, the fact that it doesn’t lag between commands and answers to every command is really impressive. However, I urge that you look at Groovy and Botify, as they are the best options available.

How to use Rythm bot on Discord
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