10 Methods to Speed Up A Slow Acer Laptop

In this tutorial, learn how to speed up a slow Acer Aspire Laptop.

How to speed up Acer Laptop

Method 1. Restart your laptop

If your laptop has not restarted recently, make sure to reboot it before performing any of the methods below. This is a good way, but rebooting helps clear out its memory and make sure that any errant services or processes that are running get shut down.

Method 2. Update the drivers

The missing or outdated device drivers can slow down your Acer laptop, so you should make sure that your device drivers are up to date.

You can update your device drivers manually by visiting the Acer Official site, then searching for BIOS updates, manuals, drivers and other downloads for your Acer laptop. Ensure to seelect the drivers that are compatible with your Windows version.

If you don’t have time or patience, you can do it automatically with Driver Easy. Driver Easy is an excellent program that you can update your drivers with more quickly.

Method 3. Upgrade your RAM

Installing more RAM is one of the best methods to increase your Acer laptop speed and performance. If your Acer laptop has less than 4GB of RAM, when the memory is exhausted, your laptop will be much slower performance. If you play games or use video editing programs that need to store large amounts of information in memory for quick access, it would recommend you have at least 8GB.

To check the RAM usage, go to the Performance stats in the Task Manager. If your RAM usage is at 100% all the time, you probably need to buy more RAM to fix the problem.

Method 4. Upgrade Your Laptop’s Hard Drive to an SSD

If the issue still persists, you should check your hard drive type. If your Acer laptop currently uses a traditional HDD, we highly recommend you upgrade it to an SSD, which will maximize speed up your Acer laptop.

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Method 5. Check for virus and remove virus and malware

Malware, viruses, trojans, and malicious software could cause your Acer laptop to run slowly. The best method to deal with viruses is to use a powerful antivirus software to run a full scan.

10 Methods to Speed Up A Slow Acer Laptop
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