8 Best Antivirus For Windows 10

If malware controls users’ system, it’s not easy to solve problems. That’s the reason why you must seek the practical method and install antivirus software before giving any opportunities for virus to infect your devices.

Top Antivirus Software For Windows 10

As an intelligent user, have you ever wondered which antivirus software is the best for Windows 10? It can make users confused to choose because of many available choices out there. How can you come to a decision that which is the best Windows antivirus to experience?

The Best Antivirus Software For Windows 10

The Best Antivirus Software For Windows 10

With using information and figures from AV-TEST, we’re going to help you to make up your mind. Antivirus softwares run scans automatically, and they’ll actively make effort to prevent malicious web pages from being under control or downloaded in the first place.

1. Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky is a familiar name with internet-users in terms of online security world. The corporation serves three salient antivirus suites consisting of Security Cloud, Kaspersky Internet Security and Antivirus. All three are appreciated highly due to the reliability of security apps to Windows 10.

In fact, Kaspersky is another app which was suffered from performance problems for few years ago. Nevertheless, like Windows Defender, those issues are thoroughly resolved. As the result, 6/6 is a point that AV-TEST gave to the app across all three categories after testing properly.
Actually, In April 2019 test, the suite only identified three false positives in spite of conducting the test with over 1.6 million models.

The users need to pay 75$ for the entry-level Antivirus plan, but it only covers desktop PCs. However, for 20$ more, the users are experienced more attractive offers when the Internet Security ($79) suite adds mobile support for the minimum added cost. It is the remarkable choice that is highly recommended for most users.

2. Windows Defender

Recent years, Windows Defender is no longer a bad suggestion for users as it used to be. The suite once was famous for hogging system resources and providing a low quality of protection, however, all of that have been improved.

Now, some of the best protection is provided by Security program of Microsoft in the industrial zone. In March and April 2019, it noted a 100% recognition rate in opposition to zero-day malware attacks and for “ widespread and popular malicious-logic software found out in the last 4 weeks” in both months, which is positive result in this recent trials on AV-TEST.

Beside, tight integration into operating system is one of the Windows Defender’s most outstanding features, which attracts user’s attention to buy. It is simple to use essential utility features promptly from the Windows Settings menu including the app’s virus protection, device security, firewall protection and app security.

In conclusion, AV-TEST evaluates that Window Defender has enough ability to become a “Top Product” designation with a perfect 6/6 for usability and protection and 5.5/6 for performance. It has changed beyond recognition as compared with 0.5/6 in the recent test in 2015.

3. Malwarebytes Premium

Regarding the best antivirus app for Windows 10, Malwarebytes cannot be mentioned. The company gain popularity thanks to free version program throughout several years.

Nevertheless, if you prefer receiving 24/7 real-time protection to manual scanning intermittently, you have to sign up and purchase for the premium version. The entry-level plans cost $39,99 per year, but it only protects one gadget. For the fee, you are offered strict protection, which helps you avoid malware, identity theft, ransom ware, malicious websites and more.

During a 14-day trial period, the users are experienced all the premium functions on the free version of the app.

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4. Bitdefender Internet Security

Because AV-TEST gave Bitdefender 6/6 for protection, performance, and usability, Bitdefender Internet Security is not unexpected to be on the list of the best antivirus apps for Windows.

Like Kaspersky Internet Security, The suite also only flagged three false positives from a total of 1.6 million samples. It noticed a 100% recognition rate against both zero-day attacks and the availability of malicious website.

The Windows users can choose one of three versions of the app to enjoy various outstanding features including Antivirus Plus for $30 ( which covers the entry-level paid suite ), Internet Security for $35 (includes webcam and firewall protection) and Total Security for $40 ( supports mobile gadgets ). If you want to, you can pay for the IOS and Android versions of Bitdefender distinctly.

Other outstanding features can be mentioned in Bitdefender as multi-layer ransom ware protection, parental controls and network threat prevention.

5. McAfee Internet Security

Another app which marks 6/6 for all AV-TEST criteria is McAfee Internet Security.

Interestingly, it finds a low number of false positives, and is not a major resource hog.

Features-wise, McAfee Internet Security allows access to full suite of real-time antimalware tools, URL blocking, phishing protection, and vulnerability scans. The latter of those—vulnerability scans—is not a common feature. If you consider it a crucial factor, you should probably try McAfee.

Those wanting such security will need to opt for a subscription plan, which is about $50 per year for one Windows PC.

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6. F-Secure SAFE

If you want antivirus protection on Windows, F-Secure SAFE could be an ideal app which scored 6/6 across all three grades on AV-TEST.

Indeed, in spite of scoring 6/6 for performance, F-Secure SAFE could defeat both Bitdefender Internet Security and Kaspersky Internet Security which also scored 6/6 in terms of similar category.

In addition, when launching outstanding websites, the drop-off percentage in performance of F-Secure SAFE only accounts for 10 percent on a standard PC with an Intel i3-6100 processor, a 256GB hard drive, and 8GB RAM.

In conclusion, the app is considered the most remarkable option for anyone who owns an ancient, low-power device.

There’s only one version of F-Secure SAFE available, although the price fluctuates depending on the number of machines you want to protect. The entry-level plan (for three devices) is $69.99 per year. The most expensive package (seven devices) is $109.99.

7. Norton Security

It is not technically a typo and we highly recommend Norton Security as our eighth and final pick.

There is an erratic history behind the development of the Norton. It is the time—around the turn of the millennium— when it had a vice-like stranglehold on the antivirus market. The popularity of reliable free antimalware products decreased significantly over the next decade, together with Norton’s ever-growing drain on system resources.

As time passes by, and Norton Security is once again taken into consideration. AV-TEST gave it 6/6 across all three criteria. Amazingly, it produced only eight percent performance effect on a standard computer when loading popular sites (though when installing frequently used applications it’s impact more noticeably makes up for 28 percent).

Norton Security enables malware scans, real-time website ratings, malicious URL blocking, phishing protection, and behavior-based detection.

The users need to pay between $40 and $100 per year for the four Norton Security plans, depending on the extra features they wish.


Of all the applications that win the lowest false positive rates, NOD32 is the most lightweight one, and consistently hold the top of performance charts.

Additionally, the holy-trinity of NOD32 (which focuses on system files), Malwarebytes (which focuses on web-based issues), and CCleaner (a PC optimization tool) used to be sworn by many power users. However, CCleaner is no longer a trustworthy app, yet it’s still passable for one-off scans.

There are three plans that cost $40, $50, and $60. Support for personal firewalls and spam filters are not included in the entry-level plan.

ESET also offers a free online virus scan tool.

What About Free Antivirus Software?

On the market, despite the fact that some of the third-party free antivirus applications score lower than the paid ones regarding AV-TEST protection performance, users may still find them adequate for their demands.

Moreover, Windows Defender does not require as many resources when it comes to the mass use, not to mention the persistent and annoying nag screens. Still, sticking with the free applications will keep you well-protected.

Considering that you can’t/won’t pour money into paid antivirus suites, the free Microsoft app would be the best solution.

Above all, due to the fact that we’re now living in the fast-changing digital worlds, installing one of the best antivirus packages on your PC or laptop is really necessary. It helps you to conquer the cyber-criminals and hackers that spoil the internet and hence protect your devices.

Security software plans are frequently updated in the heart of malicious-logic software and viruses which allows connection to your PC and other internet enabled devices (includes your mobile phone and tablet). Therefore, the fight against phishing scams, ransomware and all other types of viruses and malware is no longer a big challenge.

Nevertheless, investing in the outstanding programme and protection for your machines doesn’t mean you have to start allocating big money. There is a number of antivirus solutions with reasonable prices that offer effective performance as mentioned above.

To know more about antivirus suites across all your machines, you could check out our articles on the best free antivirus software and the different types of antivirus scans.

And if you are interested in testing out your antivirus software, check out how to do it safely.

8 Best Antivirus For Windows 10
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