How to fix Screen resolution problem in Windows 11/10

Some users are reporting a problem with the default resolution on their Windows 11 system. According to these consumers, they are unable to change the screen’s default resolution via the Settings menu.

If the screen resolution is set to anything other than the default (recommended) resolution, you can resolve the issue by following this simple problem on your computer.

How to fix Screen resolution problem in Windows 11/10

Fix 1 – Update the display card adapter driver

Your computer’s display card adapter must be updated.

1. To begin, hit the Windows key + I keys simultaneously.

2. When the Settings menu appears, tap on the “System” tab.

3. Then, on the right, click on “Display.”

4. Next, on the same pane, select the “Advanced display” settings.

5. Then, select “Display adapter properties for Display 1“.

6. When the visual driver properties window appears, navigate to the “Adapter” tab.

7. Next, on the ‘Adapter Type’ tab, click on “Properties.”

8. After that, navigate to the “Driver” tab.

9. Then, to update the graphics driver, select “Update Driver.”

10. When the ‘How do you want to search for drivers?’ prompt appears on your screen, select “Search automatically for drivers“.

11. Windows will seek and install the most recent display driver on your computer. You have to update the display card adapter on your computer.

12. Return to the screen properties and click “Apply” and “OK” to save it.

13. Close the Settings window and restart your computer.

After you’ve done that, proceed in this direction.

1. Open the Settings pop-up window.

2. Next, select “System” and then “Display“.

3. Scroll down to the ‘Scale and Layout’ section on the right-hand side.

4. Next, select “Display resolution” You can now adjust it to whichever resolution you choose.

These steps should assist you in resolving the issue.

Fix 2 – Install the latest NVIDIA/AMD graphics driver

If updating the graphics driver from the default settings fails, try updating it directly.

[We only showed the procedures for the NVIDIA driver. The steps will be altered if you have an AMD gpu]

1. Begin by visiting the NVIDIA driver website.

2. Enter precise driver parameters in the appropriate section (such as ‘Product type’ your ‘Operating System’ and so on).

3. Finally, press the “Search” button.

4. To install the driver on your PC, click the “Download” button.

Close the browser when the download is complete.

5. First, navigate to the driver’s download site.

6. Thereafter, simply double-click the offline installer to start it.

7. When the NVIDIA Graphics Driver box opens, select “NVIDIA Graphics Driver and GeForce Experience

8. You must accept the terms and conditions. Select “Agree and continue”

9. Finally, choose “Custom (Advanced)” to test it out.

10. After that, press the “Next” button.

11. Make sure to tick the box next to “Perform a clean installation

12. Click “Next” to begin the installation procedure.

13. When the installation is complete, click the ‘Close’ button to close the NVIDIA Graphics Driver Installer window.

Fix 3 – Reinstall the display driver

If installing the graphics driver does not allow you to modify the resolution, uninstalling it and replacing it with the default display driver should resolve the issue.

1. To begin, right-click the Windows icon in the taskbar and select “Device Manager

2. Expand the “Display adapters” section of the device list.

3. Next, right-click your network adapter and select “Uninstall device”

4. When the warning message shows on your screen, click “Uninstall.”

The current version of the display driver will be uninstalled. Simply reboot your device, and the default display driver should be set. This should take care of the problem you’re now experiencing.

Even if you restart your computer and the system still does not allow you to alter the resolution, follow these procedures.

1. Launch the Device Manager application.

2. Next, select “Action” and then “Scan for hardware changes“.

This will fix the problem for sure.

In this video, we are gonna show you how to fix Screen resolution problem in Windows 11:

That’s about it.

How to fix Screen resolution problem in Windows 11/10
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