How To Fix Facebook Messenger is Not Working / Not Opening

Messenger, formerly known as Facebook Messenger, is a widely used messaging app that you may use to communicate with many of your friends, family, and coworkers. As a result, if Messenger is down, your communication may come to a halt. Here are seven of the most common ways to troubleshoot and repair your Messenger connection.

If Facebook Messenger isn’t working for you, try restarting the app, turning off Wi-Fi, and trying the service on another device.

You can also use Downdetector to see if the Messenger service is down.

Here are the top seven ways to troubleshoot a Messenger platform issue.

1. Restart the Messenger app

For some users, the Messenger app has a habit of slowing down or acting erratically if it is not restarted on a regular basis. The solution is straightforward: force the app to close and then restart it.

2. Turn off Wi-Fi

When using a low-quality Wi-Fi connection, the Messenger app may encounter difficulties. If you’re not sure how well your Wi-Fi is working (perhaps because you’re using a public Wi-Fi network), turn it off and use your cellular connection instead. Swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal the iPhone Control Center or the shortcut panel on your Android phone, and tap the Wi-Fi icon to temporarily disable it. Then retry using the app.

3. See if Messenger works on another device

Because Messenger is cross-platform and works almost anywhere (apps for iPhone and Android, as well as browsers for Windows, Mac, and even Chrome), you can easily see if the problem occurs on another device. Try logging into Messenger in a browser on your laptop if you’re using an iPhone. If it works, great; you can continue to use the second device. Because you’ve narrowed the problem down to your device, this will also aid in troubleshooting.

4. Restart your phone

If you suspect the problem is with your phone, restart it to see if that resolves the issue. Most Android phones can be turned off by holding the power button for several seconds, or by swiping down from the top of the screen to reveal the shortcuts panel and tapping the power icon.

5. See if Messenger is down

Messenger communicates through an online service. Messenger will not function if that network is unavailable. Check the Facebook Messenger status page at Downdetector to see if the issue is with Facebook rather than your app. You can also type “is Facebook Messenger down” into your web browser.

6. Clear your data cache

Messenger stores temporary data in a cache, and if that cache becomes corrupted, the app will frequently fail to function properly. It’s relatively simple to clear the cache, but the procedure differs depending on whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android device. On an iPhone, you must uninstall the app and then reinstall it from the App Store to clear the cache. You can clear the app’s cache without removing it if you have an Android phone:

1. Open the Settings app and then tap Apps.

2. Find Messenger and tap on it.

3. Tap Storage & cache.

4. Tap Clear storage.

7. Reinstall Messenger

If you’ve exhausted all other troubleshooting options in this article and Messenger is still not working, you should uninstall and then reinstall the app. This returns the app to its “factory conditions,” which may resolve some issues with the app and its data.

Also, you can download the old version of Messenger from this source.

How To Fix Facebook Messenger is Not Working / Not Opening
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