How to Create Custom Windows file ISO upload Vultr

In this tutorial, learn how to create custom Windows file ISO upload Vultr. Original/untouched Windows ISOs will not work on Vultr since they are missing the necessary drivers for interacting with Vultr’s systems.

This post uses a Windows 10 Pro ISO, but the same process applies to other versions.

Before you start, there are a few things you need to download to your computer:

1. Your desired Windows ISO. You can get an ISO from Technet, MSDN or by imaging an installation disc you own.

Download Latest Windows 10 ISO File

2. Download the latest or stable VirtIO drivers ISO

3. Download and install ImgBurn

4. WinRAR

How to Create Custom Windows file ISO upload VPS Vultr

This is an easy and quick guide on uploading and installing a Windows 10 Pro iso with Vultr cheaply.

Step 1. Extract file ISO Windows to folder Windows on Desktop.

Step 2. Extract file VirtIO.iso to folder Windows on Desktop.

Step 3. Run setup software ImgBurn.exe

Step 4. Build Custom Windows file

1. Launch ImgBurn, and select Mode > Build (or press Ctrl + Shift + B).

2. In the Source section, click the little icon “Browse for a folder” and choose folder Windows 10 on Desktop

3. In the Destination section, enter it a name. In my example, I named it Windows_10_Pro_vs_VirtIO.iso

4. Navigate to Options tab and change File System to UDF.

5. Navigate to Advance > Bootable Disc tab, check “Make Image Bootable” option.

6. Boot Image: C:\Windows 7\boot\
Developer ID: Microsoft Corporation
Sectors to Load: 8

7. After that, click on the “Build” icon at the bottom left to create your custom ISO. Wait until the process completed.

8. Now, upload Windows_10_Pro_vs_VirtIO.iso to OneDrive. OneDrive generates a link that leads to the shared file, copy the link.

Read more: How to Share Files with Others with OneDrive

9. Finally, upload the ISO created to VULTR, and boot it.

In this video, we will show you how to create a custom Windows 10 ISO image upload Vultr

Hope something helps you.

How to Create Custom Windows file ISO upload Vultr
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