How to convert Kindle ebooks to ePub

In this tutorial, learn how to break that DRM by converting Kindle ebooks to ePub format.

1. Kindle contains over a million books in its library, covering a wide range of categories and featuring many well-known writers.

2. However, due to Amazon’s strict DRM control over their ebooks, they can only be read on Kindle devices.

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eBooks are a great source of entertainment and education, with Amazon Kindle reigning supreme in the online reading world. By far the most popular and well-known digital book service on the internet is Kindle. The service offers a plethora of low-cost and free books in a variety of genres.

If you don’t want to want or like to use Kindle, there are a lot of eReaders online. The majority of them are free, but some have a paid version with additional features. As good as Kindle is, you can only use its ebooks on Amazon-approved devices.

Because Kindle books are formatted in Amazon’s proprietary formats such as AZW and MOBI, they cannot be read on an iPad, Book, Sony Reader, or any other device other than a genuine Kindle. There is, however, a workaround for this problem.

Why should you convert a Kindle book to ePub?

Generally, it comes down to consumer freedom. You are not permitted to use your preferred device because the company does not permit it.

Purchased Kindle books are protected by Digital Rights Management and Amazon’s DRM, which prevents the files from being used elsewhere.

There are numerous free books available, but the best ones must usually be purchased. Amazon’s DRM has recently become more difficult than ever, so this post will show you how to convert your Kindle book to the ePub format.

For eReaders, the ePub format is the most widely accepted and supported format. You’ll be able to read your book however you want on whatever app you want with this.

This tutorial will show you how to convert ePub files to AZW files so they can be read on Kindle devices.

How To Convert To ePub Format?

Method 1. Using Epubor Ultimate

1. First, click here to download Epubor Ultimate.

2. Find the file where you keep downloaded files, and then double-click the file to begin installation

3. Follow the installation wizard’s instructions.

4. Once finished, close the final page and launch Epubor Ultimate.

5. When Epubor Ultimate appears, select the Kindle tab on the left.

6. In that list, you’ll find the ebooks you downloaded from Kindle. If you don’t find the ebooks, click on Add.

7. Choose the ebook that you want to add. Select it and click Open.

8. Choose the book you want to convert and then click double-click it

9. Epubor Ultimate will begin to remove the DRM and move the book to the right side of the screen.

10. After you’ve decided which books to convert, click Convert to EPUB.

11. The ebooks on your Kindle will be in Epub format. If the conversion was successful, the word “Succeeded” will appear.

12. The converted ebooks can be viewed by clicking on the Folder icon in the bottom right corner.

13. The converted books will be highlighted in the folder.

NOTE: Epubor Ultimate is unable to convert Kindle ebooks downloaded from the Kindle desktop version 1.25 or above. Most of the time, there should be no issue, but if there is, you will need to downgrade.

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In this video, we are gonna show you how to convert Kindle eBooks to EPUB:

Method 2. Converting ePub to Kindle via Calibre

1. Download and install Calibre on your computer.

Click the Download Calibre link.

2. When finished installing, launch the Calibre app.

6. On the main screen, click Add books on the top tool bar.

7. After selecting a book to convert, select Convert books from the top tool bar.

8. Select Convert books from the top toolbar after clicking a book you want to convert.

9. The conversion dialog box appears. Check that the input format in the top left corner reads AZW, which is Amazon’s proprietary format.

10. You can change the metadata as well as the design and structure of the ebook in the conversion window.

11. When you’re finished, click OK.

12. After that, click Click to open to see where the files are located.

13. In this photo, you can see a newly converted Kindle ebook created in Calibre.

That’s about it.

How to convert Kindle ebooks to ePub
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