FIX: Can’t download Nvidia Control Panel from Microsoft Store

Nvidia Control Panel is a software used to manage various settings related to your Nvidia graphics card. It can also be used to change display settings such as screen resolution. Some users have issues installing the Nvidia Control Panel:

I have just installed an NVIDIA graphics card. Every day I get a popup saying NVIDIA control panel is not installed. A link in it takes me to the Microsoft Store, a page called NVIDIA Control Panel. There’s a link ‘Get’.

When I click this link in Chrome or Edge I get a popup giving the choice Open URL:ms-windows-store? or Cancel. I click to open the store and nothing happens. If I click the same link in Firefox I get a screen saying The Address wasn’t understood, with the following: “Firefox doesn’t know how to open this address, because one of the following protocols (ms-windows-store) isn’t associated with any program or is not allowed in this context.”

The NVIDIA site says the Control Panel is only available through the Microsoft store.

If you can’t download the Nvidia Control Panel from MS Store, here are the methods:

FIX: Can’t install NVIDIA control panel from Microsoft Store

Method 1. Update Windows 10

1. Click on Start Menu and select Settings.

2. Select Update & Security, and then click on Check for Updates.

If updates are already pending, click Download now.

Method 2. Download Standard Nvidia Drivers

There’s still an alternative available from Nvidia itself, as mentioned in the company’s Help page for these driver distribution changes. Compute customers and gamers can download a standard Nvidia driver distribution using the Advanced Driver Search page. Visit the Advanced Driver Search page to download a standard Nvidia driver distribution.

1. Download the Standard Nvidia driver and DDU you want to install.

2. Launch Nvidia’s default uninstaller.

Note: Don’t immediately reboot after uninstalling your existing driver.

3. Run DDU and enable the application to reboot you into Safe Mode.

4. Once you enter Safe Mode, make certain you use the “Options” menu to set the flag shown below. Check the option to prevent Windows from searching for updated drivers when Windows Update runs.

Select your Nvidia GPU from the drop-down list of options DDU provides and choose the appropriate outcome you desire (Clean system and don’t reboot, Clean system and reboot, clean system and shutdown).

Step 5. Once your system reboots, install the Standard Nvidia driver you previously downloaded.

In this video, we are gonna show you how to fix Can’t download Nvidia Control Panel from Microsoft Store

Method 3. Download NVIDIA Control Panel without Microsoft Store

1. Go to

2. Copy the URL below and paste it in the other side.

3. After that, you can see the updates version of the NVIDIA Control Panel. Download the Nvidia Control Panel Now.

Hope something helps you.

FIX: Can’t download Nvidia Control Panel from Microsoft Store
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