How to Delete All Partitions Windows 11/10

If you’re searching for a simple approach to erase all of the partitions on an HDD or SSD in Windows 11 or Windows 10/8/7, you have three options to attempt and remove all partitions on your own. Simply follow the steps to discover how to easily erase every partition right now.

“Is it feasible to erase every partition on a Windows computer? In order to reinstall Windows OS on my Windows 10 PC and Windows 7 laptop, I want to completely clean and delete all of the partitions.

My computer’s system partition is difficult to remove. So, in Windows 10/8/7, is it possible to remove every partition, including the system partition? How?”EaseUS Partition MasterIn order to utilize all of the space on your Windows computer’s HDD or SSD, are you searching for a straightforward tutorial that will assist you in cleaning and erasing every partition? This post explains three methods for deleting all partitions from a disk: utilizing a strong partition manager software to automatically erase all partitions at once; using Disk Management to remove all partitions; and using Diskpart in Command Prompt on Windows 11/10 to delete all partitions.

How to Delete All Partitions Windows 11/10

If you’d rather use a 100% successful and efficient method, EaseUS partition manager software – EaseUS Partition Master in Method 1, can assist. Method 2 using a disk management program and Method 3 using diskpart command lines are your options if you require a free tutorial.


Make a backup copy of all your data and extract it to an external hard drive in advance if you have any crucial files saved on your Windows 10/8/7 computer’s hard drive or SSD.

Method 1. Delete all partitions at one time with partition manager software

With its “Delete All” function, dependable partition manager EaseUS Partition Master lets you remove every partition from a hard drive all at once.

The only thing left to do is install EaseUS Partition Master on your computer and activate the full version using the instructions below to ensure a seamless partition deletion process:

Download EaseUS Partition Master Now

Step 1. Open EaseUS Partition Master, navigate to the Partition Manager section, and then click “Partition Manager“.

Before erasing any disk partition, make sure you have backed up any vital data.

Step 2. Choose to delete partition or delete all partitions on hard drive.

Delete single partition: If you wish to remove a partition, right-click on it and select “Delete“.

Delete all partitions: To remove all partitions from a hard disk, right-click on it and choose “Delete All“.

Step 3. Select “Yes” to confirm the deletion.

Step 4. Select “Execute xx Task” and then select “Apply” to save the change.

Following this, your PC will have an empty second hard drive or SSD, which you can partition to use all of the available space on.

EaseUS Partition Master offers more one-stop disk partition functions besides partition deletion, like cloning drives, merging partitions, resizing/moving partitions to address low disk space issues, creating, deleting, and formatting partitions, wiping data, disk/partition conversion, and more.

Method 2. Delete all partitions Windows 10 with Disk Management

You can remove HDD or SSD partitions using Windows Disk Management if you prefer not to use a third-party program. However, you can only erase each partition individually using this tool; you cannot erase all partitions at once.

1. On a Windows computer, right-click This PC or My Computer and select “Manage” to launch Disk Management.

2. Right-click on the second hard drive or SSD partition and click “Delete Volume“.

3. Continue following the instructions until all partitions on the Windows 11/10 computer’s hard disk have been removed. Your hard drive’s whole capacity will be unallocated space after deletion. For a fresh start, you can make new partitions.

Which do you prefer to use to delete partitions: the built-in Windows program or EaseUS Partition Master? To share your thoughts with those who are in need, click the links below.

Method 3. Delete all partitions with Disk Cleanup command line

1. Launch Command Prompt as Administrator.

2. In Command Prompt, type: diskpart and press Enter.

3. Next, type: list disk and press Enter.

4. Type: select disk 2 and press Enter. (Replace 2 with the disk number of your second HDD/SSD.)

5. Type: clean and press Enter.

6. Type: exit to complete the task at hand.

Following this, the hard drive will be completely empty of all partitions, allowing you to re-partition it by making new partitions using the available unallocated space.


In conclusion, this essay has demonstrated three methods for erasing every partition on Windows 11/10/8/7.

How to Delete All Partitions Windows 11/10
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