How To Add Local Files To Spotify

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Not only can you listen to music on Spotify at any time and from anywhere, but you can also upload local files to your ... Continue Reading →

How to Change Time Format to 12/24 Hour Format In Windows 11

Many improvements came with the release of Windows 11, including the new Start menu, all-new Settings app, Android support, and more. At the same time, Windows 11 comes with a default ... Continue Reading →

How to change Lock Screen Clock format on Windows 11/10

Though Windows 11/10’s lock screen displays a 24-hour lock format, you may convert it to a 12-hour format with this step-by-step guide. Using Windows Settings and Control Panel, ... Continue Reading →

How To Activate Microsoft Windows and Office for Free using Microsoft Activation Scripts

MAS (Microsoft Activation Scripts) is a collection of scripts for using the HWID / KMS38 / Online KMS activation mechanism to activate all Microsoft Windows versions (including Windows ... Continue Reading →

How to Install Fastboot Drivers in Windows 11

We’ll take you through how to install the Fastboot Drivers (also known as Android Bootloader Interface Drivers) on your Windows 11 PC in this post. Fastboot is without a doubt ... Continue Reading →

How To Fix Appraiserres.dll not working in Windows 11

Have you had any issues with Windows 11’s Appraiserres.dll file? Many customers have claimed that Appraiseres.dll does not work in Windows 11, causing them to believe that they ... Continue Reading →

How to Convert CHM to PDF in Windows 11/10

This article will demonstrate how to convert CHM to PDF on a Windows 11/10 computer. The CHM file, which stands for Compiled HTML, is mostly used to store help documentation and solutions. ... Continue Reading →

How to Install Windows 7 games on Windows 11/10

You should now be aware that Windows 11/10 did not include a few popular games that were included in Windows 7. If you just want to squander some time and put your intellect to the ... Continue Reading →

How to disable Rounded Corners in Windows 11

In this tutorial, learn how to disable rounded corners in Windows 11. Continue Reading →

How to Move Windows 11’s Taskbar to the Top of the Screen

In October 2021, Windows 11 will no longer allow you to move your taskbar to the top of the screen using an official setting (unlike Windows 10). With only a few mouse clicks, we’ve ... Continue Reading →
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