Aroma File Manager Free Download – Manage Files From Recovery

Download the latest version (v1.91) of Aroma File Manager for Android from Windows10freeapps for free now.

Let me explain first what is Aroma File Manager?

Aroma File Manager is a powerful recovery file manager that allows you to access and manage files on your Android phone while you are in recovery. With Aroma File Manager, you can do the task that you usually do with the file manager. Starting from the copying files to pasting, editing, deleting. At the moment, there are no other file managers to modify and access the files in the recovery mode. Thus, you need to download the AROMA File Manager ZIP on your phone.

Aroma File Manager Download

Aroma File Manager Download

How To Download and Use Aroma File Manager?

1. To begin, download Aroma File Manager ZIP for Android from this below link.

Download Aroma File Manager 1.91 ZIP

2. Copy the ZIP into your sdcard.

3. Restart or reboot your Android Phone into recovery mode TWRP or CWM.

4. Choose install from sdcard, then select the AROMA Filemanager ZIP.

The file manager will starting, and you are ready to managing your filesystem (make new folder, copy, cut, delete, etc) when you are in recovery.

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If you are into rooting, flashing or unlocking your phone then we would recommend you have the AROMA File Manager. We hope you liked this tutorial on how to download Aroma File Manager.

Aroma File Manager Free Download – Manage Files From Recovery
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