Where Is My Steam Screenshot Folder on PC?

Where is my steam screenshot folder? In this tutorial, I show you how to find the steam screenshot folder in Steam.

But let me explain first how do you take a screenshot with steam?

When you play any steam games, you can press F12 key (this is the default Screenshot key) to save a screenshot of the current in-game screen. So where are the screenshots saved?

Where is The Steam Screenshot Folder in Steam?

Each user has his own screenshots folder where all the screenshot image taken in-game are saved physically. This folder is located where your steam is currently installed. The default steam screenshot folder location is in Local disk C.

Step 1. Open up FIle Explorer.

Step 2. Go to the following path:

C:\ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ userdata\ <SteamID> \ 760 \ remote\ <app – ID> \ screenshots

Where is The Steam Screenshot Folder in Steam

Where is the screenshot folder in steam?

How do I locate my Steam ID?

If you don’t know your SteamID, I will guide you how to find your SteamID.

1. Open your Steam client.

2. Then click on View menu and select Settings.

3. Navigate to Interface, check “Display Steam URL address when available“. Click Save to makes changes.

4. Next, go over to your Steam Profile then click View profile. Look at the number in the end located in the URL. This number is your SteamID.

Now you can use SteamID to find your screenshots saved as explained previously.

Hope something helps you.

Where Is My Steam Screenshot Folder on PC?
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