5 Best RAM Cleaner, Optimizer, and Booster for Windows 10 in 2020

If your computer is gradually becoming slower and slower, this article is helpful for you. The main cause of the problem is inefficient RAM usage, and the programs presented below will help improve your computer by deleting unnecessary memory, among other things.

Keep it in mind that these optimizing tools will not magically make your computer more powerful or add more memory to your RAM. Instead, optimizing your RAM can be seen as a sort of maintenance/clean up job.

The list below shows some of the best RAM Cleaner, Optimizer, and Booster for Windows 10.

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Top 5 best RAM optimizers for a faster Windows 10 PC

1. Wise Memory Optimizer

Wise Memory Optimizer is a smart little tool that efficiently and quickly frees up any physical memory being taken up by unnecessary applications or by the PC’s system.

This program is perfect for people who want something easy to use. A good user interface is easy to use and simple so that you can easily navigate it.

The tool will display you the used, free and total memory of your computer upon deployment, along with a pie chart.

You can enable automatic optimization mode when the free PC memory goes below a value that you can specify, and make Wise Memory Optimizer run even when the CPU is idle, as well as adjust the amount of memory you want to free up. Then it will optimize PC memory automatically in the background.

Better yet, Wise Memory Optimizer has a portable version, which means you can drop the program files anywhere on the hard drive or a flash drive and run it without having to install it.

Download Wise Memory Optimizer now from the official website.

2. Restoro

Restoro is a popular RAM optimizer software that is praised by customers and critics alike. After performing a lot of tests on this program, we have concluded that it really is effective in improving a computer’s performance.

All you need to do is install the program, open Restoro and run the initial scan. After that, let Restoro do the rest for you while it brings your system back to normal.

Another unique feature of Restoro is that is it can repair registries and fix broken or missing DLLs and it will also remove malware along with any damage it may have caused.

Also, Restoro helps you detect threatening apps before they damage your PC in real-time.

Download Restoro Now

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3. Razer Cortex

First of all, Razer Cortex is a free PC optimization tool from gaming peripheral maker Razer.

It boosts the performance of your PC by enabling you to shut down any application you do not need while you are gaming. Killing background apps enables your computer to focus its RAM, CPU, GPU, and other resources on running the game you are playing.

Thus you can use this program to improve your computer performance.

Well, this boosting program helps cleans out your RAM’s memory, defrag your computer’s systems, and stop unwanted system processes.

All you need to do is click a button on your computer will be boosted.

Download Razer Cortex

4. Iolo System Mechanic

Iolo System Mechanic offers you the option to easily turn off or block any unwanted programs, clean out unwanted data clogging up your RAM, wipe logs, and even help clear your cache on your Windows computer.

What’s more, the application is also designed to significantly improve internet speed. They optimize settings automatically for the user to improve online gaming, items download faster, and make webpages load faster.

Besides the RAM optimization, this program can supposedly automatically fix many errors and software related issues found on your computer. Basically, it provides you the whole package for computer maintenance.

Iolo System Mechanic has no free edition. But some editions let you install the program on multiple computers, which can make it ideal for the workplace.

All in all, if you’re looking for a RAM optimizer that comes with a ton of other maintenance features, then there’s no way you can get it wrong with Restoro.

Download Iolo System Mechanic Pro (use 60% discount code: backtoschool)

5. CleanMem

CleanMem is a free/pro program that can be used to optimize your RAM. When you install CleanMem it will auto optimizes your computer every 15 minutes.

In addition to keeping your Windows computer running smoothly, CleanMem has several other advanced functions that you can use to increase your PC performance. They also provide a premium/pro version that has even more functions.

Generally, CleanMem is the most convenient RAM optimizer in this post. However, CleanMem needs to run at all times, don’t worry, because it takes up quite little CPU and computing power.

CleanMem is totally free. Get now CleanMem

5 Best RAM Cleaner, Optimizer, and Booster for Windows 10 in 2020
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