Minecraft settings are not saving

1. We’ve received reports that users’ Minecraft settings aren’t saving, which we’ll address today.

2. Check to see if you have an Options.txt file in your folder, and if not, create one as described below.

3. You can also use the Settings app on your computer to reset the app.

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Minecraft is a sandbox game in which players combine various building pieces to create their 3D worlds. It’s the all-time highest-grossing game, and it’s now available on Windows 11. Users, on the other hand, have reported that their Minecraft settings do not save.

If you haven’t played the game before, now is an excellent opportunity to do so and discover what it has to offer, as well as to repair the save issue if you happen to run into it.

Following a look at the numerous Minecraft versions available for Windows 11, we’ve put together a list of options you can use if your settings aren’t saving. Keep up with us!


What are the different Minecraft versions?

For Windows users, there are two primary versions to pick from. Minecraft Java is a version of the game that can be downloaded from the official website.

As the name says, that version of the game runs on Java, which comes pre-installed on the computer.

Minecraft Java has the advantage of allowing for more customizing of the game than the other versions. Mods, which may be downloaded, allow users to personalize the game in any way they choose.

Additionally, rather than purchasing skins from the Minecraft marketplace, users can make their skins from the ground up.

Bedrock, an alternate version of the game, is available on the Microsoft Store. For Windows and consoles, there is a non-Java version of the software. It is the game’s multi-platform version.

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It has the advantage of allowing cross-platform multiplayer gameplay. This means you’ll be able to play Minecraft Bedrock multiplayer with players from different consoles on Windows. Cross-platform multiplayer games are not yet supported by the Java version.

If your machine fulfills the Minecraft Java system requirements, it should be able to run the Bedrock version as well.

You’ll need a powerful PC with an NVIDIA or AMD GPU, such as those found in the GeForce RTX 20 and Radeon RX 6000 series, among other models, to play the game with ray-tracing images.


What to do if Minecraft settings aren’t saving?

1. Create an Options.txt file

1. Go to your .Minecraft folder directory and look for an Options.txt file.

2. Create a new file if you don’t already have one by right-clicking anywhere in the window and selecting New, then Text Document File.

3. Now copy and paste the following content into the newly generated file, save it, and play the game to see if the settings are now saved:

4. The Options.txt file can be lost at any time due to a bad installation or a Windows-related issue. Fortunately, you may quickly create a new one without any problem.

2. Reset the app

Note: If the Minecraft application is relaunched after being reset, all of the data that was previously stored in it will be lost. As a result, before you begin the process of resetting your device to factory settings, we strongly encourage you to make a backup of any vital data.

1. To enter the Settings window, press the Windows key + I and select Apps, then Apps & Features.

2. Search for the Minecraft app in the Apps & Features window by typing it into the search box, then select the three-dot menu, followed by Advanced options.

3. Scroll down to the Reset area, and then select the Reset button.

3. Uninstall and reinstall the game

1. To open the Search bar, press Windows + S, then type control panel and select the most relevant result.

2. When the menu appears, select Programs, then Programs and Features.

3. Now locate the troublesome game and select Uninstall with a right-click.

4. To reinstall it, head to Minecraft’s official website and follow the instructions there.


Minecraft settings not saving in Twitch

Twitch was not preserving the Minecraft settings for several users. One of our readers was able to resolve the problem by installing an older version (14.4) and increasing the RAM value.

To modify the amount of RAM allocated, go to Twitch’s Settings menu, then to the left pane, click on Minecraft, and then to the right, activate the Maximum Memory Allocation switch.


How many people play Minecraft regularly?

Throughout its life, Minecraft, which was first released in 2011, has witnessed significant growth.

The game’s user interface is innovative, and it has attracted a lot of attention from players all over the world. Do you have any idea, though, how many people are playing this game?

Minecraft is known as the Sandbox video game because it is placed in a sandbox environment. Mojang Studios made it, and Mojang Entertainment published it.

This great game has developed immensely since its first release in 2011, with an interface that allows users to design massive structures, small residences, and entire recreations of prominent real-world landmarks.

Minecraft has around 126 million active users as of May 2020, according to Statista. These figures have eclipsed all previous records in the game’s history. As a result, between October 2019 and May 2020, there was a 35 million rise (in just 8 months).

Rumors circulated that the game may be taken down, but these figures effectively put an end to all conjecture.

If you want to invite your friends to play Minecraft with you, we’ve put up a guide on how to easily download and install Minecraft in Windows 11. Make certain you don’t miss it!

Alternatively, if you’re having problems with the game, check out our post on what to do if Minecraft isn’t working properly in Windows 11.

Finally, customers have reported experiencing a sudden black screen when playing Minecraft, therefore we created an article on how to fix Minecraft black screen issues on Windows 10/11. If you’re having the same problem, take a look at it.

Let us know which approach works best for you and how often you play Minecraft in the comments area below.

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Minecraft settings are not saving
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