How to Switch from SuperSU to Magisk

In this guide, we will show you how to switch from SuperSU to Magisk. To get the most out of an open-source OS like Android, getting administrative rights is at the top of the list of things you should do Also known as “rooting,” this process brings a lot of extra features to the phone. Custom binaries and mods are just two of the many ways you can use your tablet. For example, when it came to rooting a smartphone, SuperSU was always the best thing to do first.

However, it had a major flaw: It changed the system partition, which was bad. A safety net would then be tripped, which would cause apps to not work properly right away. After all of this, Magisk came into the picture. A benefit of this is that it lets people root their phones, but it also does all its work without them having to do anything. In other words, it didn’t change the system partition, so the SafetyNet is still there, too.

Rooting your phone doesn’t mean SafetyNet will be able to see that. Because the system is still working, it won’t be able to see this. Apps like Pokemon Go and Netflix would work well and well as a result, so this would make them work better and better. People who are into technology are going to be interested in Magisk because it has so many good things going for it. If you’re also using SuperSU and want to switch to Magisk, then this guide is all you’ll need to know. Follow along to get the detailed instructions on how to do this.

How to Switch from SuperSU to Magisk

Before we go over the steps, make sure you have a complete device backup. After that’s done, you can move on to the instructions following.

STEP 1: Remove All Root Mods

The first thing you need to do is get rid of all the mods that are on your phone or tablet. In this group are things like Xposed Framework, Substratum, Magisk Modules, and so on. If you’ve made changes to the system partition, change them back to the way they were. In other words, your device should not have any custom binaries, and there should not be any changes made to the system partition on your phone or tablet.

STEP 2: Unroot Device via SuperSu

The next step is to unroot your device. Here’s how you could go about it:

1. Open the SuperUser app and go to Settings menu.

2. Then, navigate to the Full unroot option and tap on it.

3. When a confirmation window appears, simply tap on Continue.

4. When prompted, select YES to restore the system to the standard boot.img.

5. Next, you’ll be asked to restore the original recovery image.

6. If TWRP is already installed, select No. But if you don’t have TWRP, you should select YES and go to the next phase of this instruction, where you’ll be transferring your data over to Magisk.

STEP 3: Install TWRP Recovery

The TWRP custom recovery must now be installed. This is because we’ll need it to flash Magisk and, as a result, root your device. Please see our detailed article on How to Flash TWRP Recovery on any Android Phone for more information. After that, go to the following step to change from SuperSU to Magisk.

STEP 4: Download Magisk

The following step requires you to obtain the Magisk file, which you can obtain here: Latest Magisk zip v22.1 and Magisk Manager 8.0.7. Make sure you get both the ZIP and the APK files. TWRP will be used to flash the magisk ZIP Installer, and the APK will be used to manage the root.

STEP 5: Flash Magisk via TWRP

1. First, download the Magisk ZIP file to your Android device.

2. After that, boot your Android device into TWRP Recovery mode.

3. For this, you can utilize either hardware key combinations or the adb reboot recovery command.

4. Once you’ve booted into TWRP, go to Install, select the Magisk ZIP file, and execute a right swipe to flash it.

5. After that, you can reboot the device to its default operating system. So select System from the Reboot menu.

6. Once the device has booted up, download and install the Magisk Manager APK file.

7. Once you’ve launched it, you may use it to do any root-related operations.

As a result of this instruction, you now know how to switch from SuperSU to Magisk on your Android device. We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or concerns about the above steps.

How to Switch from SuperSU to Magisk
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