How to Fix Fortnite Error Code 93 (Unable to join party)

When some Fortnite players try to get into an existing party so they could play with their buddies, they always face the error code 93. The error message ‘Unable to join a party is usually displayed alongside the problem code. This issue has been reported in both the mobile and desktop versions of the game.

A thorough investigation has been undertaken to tackle this problem and it was figured out that a variety of reasons can trigger this particular error. Among them, those listed underneath are likely to be culprits:

+ Skin glitch – A glitching inventory skin, reported by many affected users, is frequently the root of this issue. Although the skin items that trigger this are not definitely listed, people who have had this issue have stated that making differences to the skin before reconnecting to a Fortnite party fixed the problem.

+ Public party bug – It is highly recommended that players change their party kind from Public to Private before sending invitations to friends one more time. In case this method is suitable, the Party Settings can only be fixed by the leaders so that the issue could be resolved.

+ Glitch with Epic integration – This problem frequently arises on consoles, which are Xbox One and Playstation 4, when users try to get in a game hosted by a PC user via a standard invitation. You should be able to prevent the error in this situation.

+ Server issue – When all else fails, it’s high time you arrived to the conclusion that a server problem can be the culprit. In case this happens, you can only confirm the issues and anticipate the problem being tackled.

Method 1: Changing your skin

This method may not appear to work. However, as for preventing the error code 93 in Fortnite, making differences to the skin then attempting to reconnect stands on top of the list.

Several affected players have claimed that, since the problem is likely to take place owing to a bug that triggers the existing loadout that you’re making an attempt to join a game with, the efficiency is confirmed.

Note: It is stated that this method can do its trick on both the mobile version of the game and the PC & Console battle-royale version.

If you haven’t already done so, start by logging out of Fortnite and then logging back in. After that, go to your Locker and basically pick any other skin that is currently accessible in your inventory.

Return to the Solo Queue and try to rejoin your friend’s party once more. This workaround should, in most situations, enable you to sidestep the error code 93 in Fortnite.

Consult the potential solution coming up next when you cannot resolve this issue.

Method 2: Switching the party type to private

Some customers who received the same 93 error code said that they were able to resolve the issue by setting the party privacy to Private before reinviting their friends.

Bear in mind, however, that the party leader is the only person who can make this change. If you’re having trouble connecting to a friend’s party, you can only solve this problem by persuading your friend to follow these steps:

PRO TIP: If your computer or a laptop/notebook carries this problem, it is recommended that you use Restoro Repair, an app capable of scanning the repositories and replacing corrupt and missing documents. This works in most situations, as a system corruption causes the problem. Click Here to download Restoro.

1. Click your mouse on the party icon from the main dashboard of Fortnite (top-left section of the screen).

2. Click the gears symbol (settings icon) connected with your account after the party menu appears.

3. Finally, change the Party Privacy setting from Public to Private and save the changes.

4. Re-invite your friends to see if the problem has been addressed.

Consult the potential solution coming up next when you still cannot solve this issue.

Method 3: Use Epic Friends List to join games.

If you are still unable to solve your problem even after going through all workarounds listed above, this one method should enable you to prevent the 93 error code in Fortnite if you’re using the Epic Launcher to launch the game on a PC.

It turns out that, some of the impacted gamers were able to completely bypass the problem by joining a friend’s party using Epic’s Friends list.

If this is the case, follow the steps below to join an active Fortnite Party using Epic Launcher:

1. Press the Party button in the top-left corner of the screen from the main Fortnite interface.

2. Next, go to Epic Friends and look for the party that your Epic friend is throwing.

3. Double-click (or press X on PS4 or A on Xbox One) to join the session after you’ve found it.

4. Confirm, then wait for the joining transaction to finish, then check to see if you were able to avoid the problem code.

Consult the potential solution coming up next when the issue still exists.

 Method 4: Checking for server issues

If none of the possible solutions listed above have worked, you should, in all seriousness, investigate a server problem. In the past, such failures were frequently traced back to a game server issue or a widespread problem with Epic Games’ infrastructure.

Whether you think you’re having a server problem, check the official Epic Games Public Status page to see if any are currently being reported.

As you get there, expand the Fortnite tab to determine if any of the game’s subsystems are currently experiencing problems.

However, even if the official status page doesn’t reflect anything yet, that doesn’t mean a server issue is off the table.

Keeping tabs on services like DownDetector and IsTheServiceDown is also advised as you can check if the same issue is being reported by others.

If this research has revealed an underlying server problem that other Fortnite players are experiencing as well, the only solution is to wait for the issue to be rectified.

In this video, we are gonna show you how to Fix Fortnite Error Code 93 (Unable to join party):

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How to Fix Fortnite Error Code 93 (Unable to join party)
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