How to Fix Discord Lag

Discord lagging is aggravating, yet it’s not uncommon. So, if you’re having trouble communicating with your friends on Discord, or if your screen-share suddenly starts dropping frames, here’s how to solve it.

How to Fix Discord Lag

Method 1. Check if Discord Servers are Facing Issues

When Discord itself is having problems, there isn’t much that can be done. Follow these procedures to see if the lag is caused by something server-side:

1. To begin, open your web browser.

2. Go to the Discord Status page.

3. Check for any outages that have been reported.

4. If this is the case, try utilizing Discord at a different time once the server issues have been fixed.

Method 2. Lower CPU Usage by Closing Other Apps

CPU utilization is a prevalent problem, especially on low-end devices. Even though Discord is a little program, it will suffer if your computer’s processing power is shared with other programs.

Your game executable will take up a sizable chunk of your processing power, especially if you are gaming. As a result, freeing up some CPU space may be the solution. To do so, follow these steps:

1. To open the Task Manager, hit Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Alternatively, press Ctrl+Alt+Del and select Task Manager from the menu. Alternatively, right-click your Start Button and select Task Manager from the menu. Alternatively, go to your Start Menu and look for Task Manager. Simply open Task Manager.

2. To view how much of your CPU is being used, go to the Performance Tab.

3. Close any unnecessary processes from the Process Menu by clicking on an App and then End Task if it consistently indicates peaks of up to 100%.

4. If this is a recurring issue, think about upgrading your PC or removing unnecessary apps.

Method 3. Change Hardware Acceleration

Another difficulty with lower-end systems is this. Disabling Hardware Acceleration will provide your computer some breathing room for CPU consumption if you don’t have powerful hardware.

If you have a good PC yet are having problems, you may have Hardware Acceleration turned off. To double-check this setting, go to:

1. To access Discord settings, click the gear icon next to your profile.

2. On the left panel, select Advanced.

3. On the right side, disable or enable Hardware Acceleration.

Method 4. Change Power Options

Gaming necessitates skill. It’s even worse when you’re gaming and talking at the same time. Here’s how to ensure that your computer, particularly a laptop, maximizes performance over battery-saving:

1. Right-click your battery symbol on a laptop to bring up the Power Menu. Alternatively, go to the Control Panel and look for Power Options.

2. Make sure the level is set to High performance.

3. Instead of attempting to save energy by reducing CPU speeds, this setting ensures that your PC works at peak performance.

Method 5. Clear Discord Cache or Data

Although it may not solve all problems, emptying the cache and data is an important step to do when debugging any application. For Discord, here’s how to accomplish it:

1. Discord should be closed from the system tray.

2. Using the Windows Key + R combination, open a new window.

3. Type %appdata% in the Run window that appears and press Enter.

4. The Roaming folder should now be visible. Locate and open the Discord folder in that location.

5. Delete the Cache folder from the inside. Delete the whole Discord folder if you wish to erase all Discord data.

6. Log in to the app once more

Method 6. Reset Discord Voice Settings

Resetting Voice Settings, similarly, isn’t a bad idea.

1. To access Discord settings, click the gear icon next to your profile.

2. On the left side, go to Voice Settings.

3. On the right side, scroll down until you see the Reset Voice Settings button.

4. The audio settings on your computer will be reset. Make sure your audio devices are re-selected in the Input and Output device options.

Method 7. Update Discord

Discord is continually being improved, therefore the most recent update could be the answer to your lag problem. Here’s how to update Discord:

1. On the taskbar, look for the Discord app.

2. Check for updates. To do so, right-click the icon and select Check for Updates.

3. If any updates are available, Discord should now resume.

4. If nothing happens, right-click the icon once more and select Quit Discord from the menu.

5. Restart the app to see whether it has been updated.

Download the latest Discord installer from its official page to ensure that your Discord is completely updated. This will ensure that you always have the most recent update.

Method 8. Do a Fresh Discord Installation

Whether the preceding techniques for fixing Discord files don’t work, try reinstalling Discord to check if the latency problem persists. Here’s how to do it:

1. Discord should be closed from the system tray.

2. Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box.

3. Type %appdata% in the Run window that appears and hit Enter.

4. The Roaming folder should appear. Locate and delete the Discord folder if it exists.

5. Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box.

6 Type %localappdata% in the Run window that appears and press Enter.

7. The Local folder should now be visible. Locate and delete the Discord folder if it exists.

8. Start your computer again.

9. Download and start the Discord installer.

Method 9. Update Drivers Using Intel Device Driver Assistant

Your device drivers may be the source of the problem if Discord isn’t to blame. For every PC user, keeping up with the newest driver updates is critical. Here’s how you can remain updated:

1. You may update your drivers in a variety of methods. For this fix, I’ll use the Intel Device Driver Assistant.

2. To access the Intel Device Driver Assistant, go to the Intel Device Driver Assistant Page.

3. Download and Install the Intel Device Driver Assistant application 

4. Allow time for Intel to recognize your drivers. Update any drivers that need to be updated.

5. Alternatively, go to the Start menu and open Windows Update.

6. Install any driver updates that are listed here.

See also: How To Update NVIDIA Drivers

Method 10. Reset Network Settings

It could be a Windows Network issue if nothing else works. For a fresh start, here’s how to reset Network Settings on Windows.

1. Open Network and Internet Settings. To do so, right-click the Network icon on your taskbar.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the Network Reset option.

3. To reset your network settings, click Network reset.

IMPORTANT: This will remove any WiFi passwords or network settings you’ve created. Check to see whether you have passwords readily backed up and available before trying this method.

Why Is My Discord Lagging?

High CPU Usage

High CPU use is the most typical reason for discord latency. This is the most obvious culprit if you’re playing a game and Discord suddenly starts lagging. Discord is a program like any other, and it necessitates processing power.

Poor CPU Performance

When utilized in conjunction with a heavy process, any application will struggle to retain performance (like a video game executable). As a result, having a decent CPU or properly regulating CPU utilization becomes a major priority.

Bad Internet Connection

Another typical source of latency on Discord is a bad network. To function properly, most internet applications require a stable internet connection. This could be the reason if Discord isn’t the only thing that lags when you use it.

Bad Network Connection

To avoid problems caused by bad networks, make sure you choose the fastest internet connection accessible. Since unreliable WiFi is a common source of terrible internet, a simple ethernet cable can remedy a lot of things.

Server Location

Discord voice chat provides a setting that allows voice chats to have their server. As a result, if you reside far away from where the server is located, you will experience excessive ping and packet loss. In milliseconds, ping is the time it takes for a packet of data to travel from your computer to the server.

The data’s dependability is determined by packet loss. When it comes to maintaining a stable phone connection, both are equally crucial. connect to voice chats hosted in servers closer to you to ensure you always have the greatest experience.

Alternatively, if you are the administrator, you can relocate your voice services to a more convenient location.

Bad Drivers

Many factors influence Discord screen sharing. Screen sharing latency can be caused by any of the causes described above, but it can also be caused by bad audio or graphics drivers. In a computer, the GPU is usually in charge of picture processing, therefore having the finest drivers available is crucial.

Fullscreen Mode and Alt-Tab

When you screen-share applications running on full screen, you will experience lag. The Windowed Borderless setting will allow you to Alt-Tab between the application you’re broadcasting and Discord without experiencing a lag increase.

Bot Server Issues

On Discord servers, Bots are a common occurrence. It’s quite likely that bots will respond to you later than usual because the bot servers are overburdened. This isn’t normally a client-side problem because the issue isn’t something you can fix.

Some bot services call for a paid “exclusive” option that reduces lag.

CPU limitations

On iOS and Android devices, the Discord app has a lot of lag difficulties as well. The majority of the time, this is due to your mobile device’s CPU constraints. Because mobile phones work similarly to computers, having a lot of background programs on your phone can cause it to lag.

Older OS versions

Phones also have the problem of being unsuitable for multitasking. This, however, changes regularly, thus keeping your mobile OS up to current is essential for sustaining Discord stability.

Please tell us if you find any more causes except those listed above!


Does Discord Have Minimum System Requirements?

Somewhat. Although there are no official hardware requirements, Discord does have a few software requirements.

Can I Choose My Discord Server’s Location?

Discord deleted the server location feature a long time ago. If you are a server administrator, you can now choose the location of a voice chat.

Does The Quality Of Discord Calls Also Depend On Server Location?

Yes, unlike Teamspeak, Discord calls are not direct connections between you and the other person. Both of them are connected to the same server, which transmits and interprets audio data.

Does Discord Slow Down Games?

Because Discord is a lightweight program, it should not impact game slowdowns. Unless you’re running Discord on a very old or underpowered PC, in which case it will significantly slow down your system.

In this video, we are gonna show you how to fix discord lag when playing games:

That’s about it.

How to Fix Discord Lag
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