Bluetooth Version finder v1.2

Some functions of the Windows operating system are only available if you have a specific or later version of Bluetooth installed. For example, Nearby Exchange (a function that allows two Windows 10 machines to share files) requires Bluetooth 4.0 or later versions. In addition to the Classic Bluetooth specification, Bluetooth 4.0 incorporates the Bluetooth Smart / Bluetooth Low Energy standard, making it a considerable improvement in device battery life. Bluetooth low-energy gadgets’ batteries will last several times longer than their traditional Bluetooth counterparts.

The Bluetooth version number is normally found in the PC’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website’s product information page. However, if your laptop is a few years old, you are likely to have misplaced the manual and may not be able to discover information on it on the internet.


Check Bluetooth Version manually

The Bluetooth version 1 can be found using Windows Device Manager. Check to see if your Bluetooth is switched on.

1. You may turn it on from the Action Center toggle, or go to the Devices group of settings in the Settings app and turn it on from the Bluetooth tab 2. 

2. To access the context menu for the Start button, right-click it and select “Device Manager.”

3. Expand the Bluetooth set of devices in Device Manager. Under here, you may see one or more devices. Look for Interl(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R) or the brand name of your Bluetooth device. Select Properties from the context menu when you right-click it.

4. Go to the Advanced tab in the Properties window. You’ll see a Firmware Version entry here with something like LMP followed by a number; the number corresponds to the Bluetooth version you’re using.

The LMP versions Table:

LMP 11 – Bluetooth 5.2

LMP 10 – Bluetooth 5.1

LMP 9.x – Bluetooth 5.0

LMP 8.x – Bluetooth 4.2

LMP 7.x – Bluetooth 4.1

LMP 6.x – Bluetooth 4.0

LMP 5.x – Bluetooth 3.0 + HS

LMP 4.x – Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

LMP 3.x – Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR

LMP 2.x – Bluetooth 1.2

LMP 1.x – Bluetooth 1.1

LMP 0.x – Bluetooth 1.0b

The LMP version 6.x of your Bluetooth adapter, for example, shows that your Bluetooth version is 4.0.


Bluetooth Version finder v1.2

Finding Bluetooth versions via the graphical user interface would be time-consuming, difficult, and prone to human mistakes, so we created a portable Freeware “Bluetooth Version Finder.” It’s the simplest way to figure out what Bluetooth version you’re using. Simply download it, unpack it, and run it to see your Bluetooth version number.


What is New v1.2 (Sunday, 23 May 2021)

[ ADDED ] – Menu choices

[ ADDED ] – F5 keyboard shortcut

[ FIXED ] – Several trivial bugs (Most codes have been set up-to-date)

The specifics can be found under the large version number. If it doesn’t work, a question mark will appear.

Supported operating systems: Windows 11, Windows 10

Supported languages: English

File: btVersion.exe

Size: 816 KB

MD5: c385a27559fc4c0af811e84f2af6aa50

SHA1: d116a745d8dc619a7b396c564fd852f41ae2f5ca

SHA-256: 032835729c816e7cd4261882194f5906c716f732b74696d7b2bb18a085b10dd3

Bluetooth Version finder v1.2
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