Best Nintendo DS Emulators For Windows 10

The Nintendo DS is one of the most well-known handheld gaming consoles in the gaming industry. Released in 2004, Nintendo DS made a blast with its dual-screen feature and numerous amazing games like Pokemon X, The Legend of Zelda and The Fire Embalm Fates. Although playing these games seems like a thing of the past, but they can now be played on your PC thanks to emulators – add ons that enable your operating system to run programs designed for other frameworks.

Are you one of the Nintendo fans who cannot wait to relive those good old days? Apart from programs that allow user to play Nintendo DS games on mobile phones, there are also applications specifically designed for Windows. If you are a Windows 10 user, you can simply install one of the best Nintendo DS emulators for Windows 10 below and enjoy the excitement that comes with it.

1. RectroArch

The best highlight of this Nintendo DS emulator is that it allows you to play multiple console games on your PC. RectroArch is no doubt the best application when it comes to running SNES, 3DS, NES, DS, DSI with distictive quality. It also supports manifold platforms, including Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and older, Linux, Raspberry Pi, iOS, Android and a lot more.

Whereas the configurations in other programs only enable you to modify your game, RetroArch gives you the permission to customize graphic as well. Depending on the PC you are using, it can display up to 4k graphic. For those of you who want a realistic gaming experience, this emulator is for you, so grab the program file by clicking the link below.

2. DeSmuMe

As bizarre as it sounds, DeSmuMe is one of the best Nintendo DS emulators for Windows 10. Its quality and reliability are spot on. It supports not only Windows but Mac OS as well, which makes it totally worth installing.

DeSmuMe comes with a wide variety of setting options, extra features like USB controller support and cheat code manager can also be found here during your play. If your PC has awesome setup, then top notch audio and video quality can be guaranteed. Moreover, you do not have to worry about losing your previous game, since this Nintendo DS emulator offers saving slot options as well. If this is your favourite choice, click the link right below to download it.

3. DuoS

A brainchild of former Nintendo DS developer Roor, DuoS emulator is an emulator with fantastic speed and authentic sound quality. It is compatible with most Windows versions and works with even a slow computer, which makes it a good competitor. With DuoS, you can play any game in full-screen mode and save your progress as you go. Additionally, thanks to GPU acceleration, playing Nintendo games with DuoS can be like a real-life experience.

Almost all commercial games can be played using this emulator. DuoS has some minor bugs, but very few players reported having experienced such issues. If you’re ready to discover this program, download it from the link below.

4. MelonDS

Another option for Windows users is MelonDS, which receives recognition for always releasing the best revisions and updates. Even with a decent computer, this emulator knows how to create the best graphic resolution possible due to its extraordinary OpenGL rendering.

In addition to its stable performance and accuracy, options like door panel configuration and joystick support are also present in this terrific application. Not only Windows users but Linux users can benefit from these features as well when they download MelonDS. Click the link below to claim it.


The next candidate on the list is NO$GBA – one of the strongest emulators for Windows PC. Furthermore, it has great game illustrations and an assortment of graphical options. In any case, this Nintendo DS emulator works rapidly and effectively on PCs.

This Nintendo DS emulator for Windows has presented the Gameboy Advance Games and supports DSI games. It offers high speed and low endurance, joysticks support and checkpoint saving. If you like using cheat codes, NO$GBA should be high on your download list.$gba-download.htm

 6. DraStic DS Emulator

As with other emulators below, DraStic only works with Android devices. Among DS emulators for this platform, DraStic receives the highest rating of 4.7 out of 5. The developer has intergrated numerous features into this program, such as saving your game, toggling between portrait and landscape mode, and the best of all – cheat codes.

If you possess a device fitted with high-end quad core, you can try increasing the game’s 3D graphics twice as large as its original resolution for a more immersive experience. With such amazing features comes a price tag; however, you can try using the demo version before making the purchase.

7. NDS4Droid

NDS4Droid is a free application for anyone who enjoys Nintendo DS games. Like many other emulators, it has nice sound quality and saving/resuming option.

An extremely useful aspect of this emulator is the open-sourced code, which means anyone can contribute to its improvements and revisions. For example, its German language option is actually made by an enthusiastic user of the app. If you want to propose some changes to the app but you have no IT background, you can contact the developer via NDS4Droid website. Be ready to expect many valuable updates while you use this emulator

8. Pretendo NDS Emulator

This is another great program for Android users to play Nintendo DS games. It offers many features, including autosaving which puts your mind at ease whenever you accidentally quit your game.

Moreover, you can also deactivate sound/music, setup low graphic display for a smoother gameplay, and so on. Among those customizable enhancements, one that is not easy to find in other programs is customizing buttons. Its virtual controller looks just like that  of the Nintendo DS, giving you some nostalgic gaming time.

9. AseDS

AseDS is a DS emulator that brings you a long list of useful features: a dual touchscreen interface, a saving/loading option, built-in cheats, a wireless controller support and many more. Using AseDS means enjoying Nintendo games with its high speed and various modification options.

However, one disadvantage while using this application is the frequency of adverts, which makes the usage pretty bothersome. Bear in mind that this program only works with Android 6.0/7.0. If you are willing to bear the annoyance it may bring for its wide variety of gaming configurations, download this emulator from the link below.

Final words

May the reviews above help you find your best Nintendo DS emulator for Windows 10 PC. It takes time and effort to find the right application for your need, but I hope this article has made that choice a lot more easier.

Best Nintendo DS Emulators For Windows 10
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